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Part of the Tradizio Collection.

Includes Jacket and Pant.

You’re loud. You stand out and your style is undeniable. Here’s a way to prove it.

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You’re loud. You stand out and your style is undeniable. Here’s a way to prove it.

The Plush is a bit different to our other suits. With a plush, velvet finish, this suit is not for the faint of heart, however, If you are game enough, you will find that this one will have excellent versatility and will prove a stand out in both casual and formal situations. Whether you utilize just the jacket as part of your everyday casual wear or suit up for your next semi-formal, Hugh Hefner style soiree, The Plush has got your back!


Styling Guide


Velvet does not need too much to make it stand out and you will find that if you over accessorise, you will simply look overdone. Keep it clean and neutral. In Casual situations, you can utilize your favourite pair of jeans and shirt to create a really cool, rockstar feel.


The Plush looks great when paired with the unexpected. If the situation calls for it, a bow tie of similar colouring will give you a level of refinement that will really stand out. If that’s not your game, keep the colours in line with the stunning deep blue of the outer jacket and you can’t go wrong.


Like a standard navy suit, it’s definitely best to avoid lighter colours. Try taking in a clean oxford in a darker colour. you would likely have something that will work with this suit already in your wardrobe but it’s best to go with a classic formal shoe to keep in line with the clean-cut image that this suit cultivates. If you want a more relaxed look, some loafers will add to the clean lines.


If you can pull it off, this can work in formal and casual situations extremely well. Use the seperates to up your casual game and if you are in a formal situation, follow the rules above and you will always have a winner on your hands.


Velvet requires care. Ensure that you keep this one on a good hanger in your wardrobe until you’re ready to pull it out. Try to avoid folding the fabric and maintain a regular dry-cleaning schedule if this is something that you’re going to be using constantly


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