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Suitably works with partners but nationally and internationally in order to provide our customers with the best possible service and products. Whether your next door or half way around the world, we work with other high quality partners in order to ensure that we can do what we do. Here’s a few of our key partners that we depend on 

Looksmart Alterations (National)

Looksmart alterations provide high quality alterations and adjustments throughout Australia. With a national presence,

LOOKSMART is a one-stop shop for all your clothing alterations, tailoring and styling services. Whether you’ve got a wedding dress which needs altered, or you have a favourite pair of jeans that need fixing, we can help.

Master Dry Cleaners (Victoria)

With 70 years experience and an impeccable reputation as a family owned and operated business, Master Drycleaners heritage is complimented by a comprehensive range of quality Dry Cleaning services and eight locations across Melbourne.

Allie Claire Creative (Victoria)

For the past five years, photographer Allie Aszodi has captured weddings Victoria-wide, working at a well-known photography studio. A self-proclaimed lover of all things love, capturing unscripted intimacy is what makes Allie’s heart sing, and gives her brand its unmissable candid style. Now with her own business and more than ten years of industry experience, the rush of excitement for every wedding remains ever-present for Allie, who prides herself on being able to eternalise each love story as authentically as she can

Melbourne Entertainment Co

Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier delivering refreshing, personalised entertainment to each client for every event. They create magical moments and everlasting memories.

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