We don't usually wax lyrical, but give us a moment to preach.

We feel it important that we do business in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible. The journey to build such a business in the often questionable garment trade can be a difficult one to navigate, but we believe that we’re doing a damn good job so far. We’d like to share some of the things that we believe in and what we do to uphold them. 

Like everyone, we're not perfect. But we're getting better every day.

Our tenents are ever-changing and we’re constantly evaluating our impacts and what we can do to ensure that we have the most positive impact on everyone around us. We’re not going to pretend that we’ve got everything sorted out. We don’t. No one does. What we can do is stop, evaluate, and adjust. This is something we promise to do, not just for you, our end customer, but for our suppliers, the environment, and our community.

Fast Fashion?
Try Thoughtful Fashion.

If you don’t know, fast fashion is a trend in which trendy clothing is made cheaply and at scale and distributed frequently worldwide. The main driving force behind fast fashion trends is to replicate the catwalk and give people a way to “keep up” without having to spend the big designer price tags. This description probably brings up several names of this socially and environmentally irresponsible practice, but disturbingly, the more illustrious sartorial trade has also has its fair share of players that follow similar practices, charging top dollar for questionable off-the-rack offerings with a manufacturing process that is more about laser-cutting and homogeneity than carefully considered garments that you both want and deserve. 

Your Suitably garment is always made with a Thoughtful Fashion First Approach.

So what that does mean? We do everything we can to reduce our impact.  All our products are built on the tenets of social equality, sustainability, durability and longevity.

From a social standpoint, Suitably does not involve sweatshop manufacturing, or any unethical labour. Our manufacturers and alterations partners, both in Thailand and Australia (our only areas of operation) are small local business collectives that pay salaries, in line with the real livable wages as set out by the Fair Labour Association. We don’t believe that our bottom line is worth the suffering of anyone. We focus on fabrics with ethically sourced organic materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, and linen. 

Our garments are also made from a heavier weight (GSM), more durable fabric than most operations in our category with an intentionally timeless house style to make sure that you look great in your suit for years to come. We believe in style over trends that will date quickly. We also provide copious amounts of fabric reserve meaning that these garments can be altered easily as your body changes over the years. We want your suit to live on your shoulders for as long as possible. Not in landfill.

Suiting for all. Regardless of your body.

Suitably started as a male oriented brand. Over the years our journey has made a need for inclusiveness in this space. This requires us to transform our brand, language and operations. We don’t want to tack on a “female” version of our brand but rather, our goal is to integrate all forms and be inclusive of anyone in-between. We support everyone, regardless of who you are or how you identify. We believe that it’s important to not make a “big deal” about this as everyone deserves equality and in our eyes, it would be offensive to make this a selling point. As such, we won’t mention it outside of this segment. 

Our journey toward where we want to be started in 2020. We’ve changed a lot of our language, systems and imagery to be more inclusive. Currently, all of our suits can be made with any requirements you may have – simply get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate at no extra charge. In the future, we will continue to make changes to our customisations engine to further build out on this commitment. 

It'd suck if someone stuck a saddle on your back for the "lolz"

In the modern sartorial world, there are three main “reasons” that people buy suits. These are weddings, business and the races. 

We’re not against people having fun, drinking too much and maybe pushing the limits of what’s socially acceptable (if you would like some great garments to do this in, check out our wedding lineup for some options that will definitely leave an impression) but we’re not okay with cruelty to animals for this cause. This goes against our general principles and as such, you will notice that we do not have a “races” category and we do not advertise, or suggest that our garments are for this purpose. 

We can’t stop you from using our suits for whatever purpose you desire but we would like to make it clear that that the races and their correlation with high fashion is not one that we agree with, nor one that we will market towards. 

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