The Wedding Preparation Bible

(the short version)

It’s the big one!

We get it. Your friends and family are going to be there and you’re going to want to make sure that you look as good as you can lest the blushing bride leaves you at the altar (We’re kidding. That won’t happen*)

*Suitably does not guarantee that this won’t
happen. It probably won’t though. She’ll be right

Suitably provides a full custom wedding service with a dedicated consultant to help you find the right look for your wedding day. However, sometimes, there’s a lot of information that needs to be taken in. We’ve created this guide to help get you up to speed and help send the right message.

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One of the biggest questions that we get asked is what the difference between a tuxedo and a suit is and to make it simple, there isn’t much.

For all intents and purposes, a tuxedo is a suit that has been designed with a few key elements specifically to highlight it in formal situations. These elements vary in each situation, but the most common elements involve the introduction of silk or satin into the construction of the suit to create a stronger sense of formality. For this reason, a tuxedo is typically seen as something that you wear in highly formal situations (IE: your wedding).

Satin Lapels

Covered Buttons

So, the real question is: Do you need to wear a tuxedo?

No. Definitely not.

Whilst it is undeniably the most formal form of wedding suiting in the western world, a tuxedo is not as common as it once used to be. This is partially due to common suit trends moving towards less formal suiting and partly because tuxedos tend to cost more as they are typically not mass manufactured.

However, should you decide to go this route, Suitably do not charge more for these extra touches. If you want to take the extra steps or want to go really formal, consider these points and ask your consultant during your appointment.


Peak Lapels

Shawl Lapels

Notch Lapels

The lapel refers to the piece of folded fabric on the front of a suit jacket. There are three main types used today (as pictured) and the type of lapel that you choose makes a massive difference to the message that you send.

A shawl lapel is the traditional tuxedo style. It connects the collar to the front in one smooth piece. This is a design element that is slowly coming back into style and is considered the most formal.

A peak lapel will connect to your collar with an upward “peak” that adds a bit of flair to the affair. Peak lapels are quite formal and decorative however are generally not as formal as a shawl.

Notch lapels are the most modern and potentially informal. A notch will have a small gap area between the connection of the collar and the lapel itself. You will find a notch lapel on most business suits and it’s considered the most universal and in the modern suiting world.  

On occasion, you may also find pick-stitching (as seen on the notch lapel). Pick stitching was traditionally seen as a sign of a high-quality garment in days when everything was made by hand however, in the machine world, it’s mainly an aesthetic choice that does add a decorative flair if desired.

There is no “right or wrong” choice in this instance however it’s best to consider the environment that you’re in. If you’re planning on a really showy affair, a peak or shawl lapel may be the best option, however, if it’s a simpler affair, these may seem a little over the top and a simple notch lapel may be best.


When dealing with all suits, there are two different sets of buttons that you need to consider, and you’d be surprised by how much they really say about you.

Front buttons are the buttons on the front of your jacket. Typically speaking, they are in one, two or three button configurations. Generally, the less buttons you have on the front, the more formal the suit. Old mate over here looks dapper AF with no buttons!

However, this isn’t always the case! A lot of sport jackets and modern casual styles have adopted a single button config so this detail can also be dependant on the style of your suit. Typically speaking, a tuxedo will have a single button configuration.

Single Button

Two Button

Double Breasted

Another option that is starting to pick up popularity again is the double-breasted suit. This is categorised by two sets of buttons on the front of the jacket. This was quite popular in the 1920’s and with the new insurgence of double-breasted suits in the market, this is a great option if you want to flip the script.

Flat buttons

Covered Buttons

Another consideration that needs to be made when purchasing a tuxedo is whether you would prefer flat or covered button. A covered button is typically a button that is covered in a satin or silk and protrudes away from the suit somewhat due to the way that they are connected. Covered buttons are by far considered the most formal and should only be considered in highly formal situations. These are typically considered the traditional button style when your lapels are also in a satin or silk as they tend to compliment.

As a bonus tip, the more buttons on your sleeve, the more formal the suit is considered. Generally speaking, you won’t see more than four.


Single Button - No Vest

Single Button - Low Cut Vest

To vest or not to vest? Well it’s really up to you. Thankfully, Suitably doesn’t charge more regardless of the options that you go for.

Typically, a vest to any suit will add a level of formality however, for some, it may be considered a little “stuffy”. Modern tuxedo’s do away any kind of vest, cumberbund or waistcoat.

If you like the look of a vest, then go for it! The only real faux pas is wearing a vest with a double-breasted suit as typically, you won’t see what’s underneath due to the extra coverage.

Ready to go? Suitably is.

We can go on for days about what you can consider but, like we said at the start, this is the short version (And this is long enough!)

If you’re getting ready for the big day, let Suitably lend a hand! We can run you through any option and regardless if you go with one of our stock items or decide to go full custom, we charge the same AND we’ll work with you to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

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