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Includes Jacket, Vest and Pant.

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    We can do shawl lapels in black satin. This is common on tuxedo style suits. 


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    A ticket pocket is a secondary pocket on the right side. This is mostly a stylistic choice today.


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The Flat Iron is versatile and balances class and flair immaculately. This classic will work in most seasons and occasions. Despite its modern highlights, it wouldn’t be a Suitably suit if we didn’t pay homage to traditional tailoring cues. Large patch pockets and classic front darts provide a touch of sophistication to this collection.

Unlike most suits in this price point, Suitably never skimps on quality. All suits are made of a breathable, high quality, strong wearing material and a half-canvas construction that you would normally expect to find in suits that cost far more. This ensures that your suit will be comfortable, hold their shape and stand the test of time.

On top of this, ALL Suitably suits are tailored to the exacting measurements of each customer to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Be Smart. Be Suitably.


Styling Guide


Because of the colour and style, this suit will provide extreme versatility in shirt and tie decisions. Run with the situation at hand. Should it be formal, lighter colours should be the course however, this suit will work well with most shirts regardless of how loud they may be.


This suit goes great with most choices but ultimately it’ll come down to the situation. If it’s a casual or party situation, pull out those louder paisleys and patterned ties. If the situation is more business orientated, dial it down with a basic block colour or something in a gentle polka dot or foulard design.


Definitely best to pair this one up with a basic shoe. Stay away from brogues or anything too messy unless the goal is to REALLY leave an impact (For better or for worse). A classic oxford in a traditional colour is always going to work best.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Stick with darker, oxfords. Black and brown both work really well, however, we’re impartial to a dark burgundy leather shoe as it sets off the styling.


This one can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. As one of the more versatile suits in the Suitably collection, you’ll find yourself in top form regardless of the situation.


With a textured finished and a look unlike anything else that we’ve done, you’ll find that the Flat Iron will ensure that you are ready for any situation.