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    We can do shawl lapels in black satin. This is common on tuxedo style suits. 


    Welted pockets have the option of having a black satin border on them. This is common on tuxedo style suits. 

    A ticket pocket is a secondary pocket on the right side. This is mostly a stylistic choice today.


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A different shade of business.

Wanting to stand out in that board meeting without rocking the boat? The lowborn is a great choice for those who want a fashion-forward, business-appropriate option. With a unique colour profile and texture, this is one that will spend more time on your back than in your wardrobe.


Styling Guide


A plain white shirt will provide a nice contrast and allow the texture of the suit to do the talking. Failing that, a business shirt with a large check pattern will give you a subtle statement that will provide a unique look.


It’s best not to overdo it. Aggressive patterns may come across too busy. Darker tones that are plain, or, have a basic, symmetrical pattern work nicely with the subtle highlights in the suit itself. Instead of using black, use darker blues and purples.


Lowborn is very versatile and will work with both brown and black leather shoes. Black will typically look more formal than brown so may work better in those big board meetings.

To ensure that you don’t look too “busy”, avoid too much detailing. Broguing and other such design details could be seen as too much.


This is a suit for the businessman who wants to stand out but not potentially offend. If you’re wanting to stand out (albeit quietly), you’ll find this a great choice.


This is a light wearing suit that works well with the Australian sun and warmer climates. If it’s colder around your neck of the woods, consider purchasing a vest to go with it.