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    We can do shawl lapels in black satin. This is common on tuxedo style suits. 


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Your job matters. You want to look as professional as you can all the time. From the mission critical meetings all the way through to the lady who hands your sushi to you at lunchtime. You keep that calm, apexed cool about that is part of who you are as a person.

(Don’t lie to us man. We know you’re a party animal)

The Allison is one of the first suits that came into being in the Suitably arsenal. It was designed specifically to prove that you can have the best of both worlds. We designed this one specifically for those who lead alter egos. Professional by day. Party animal by night. Loved by everyone regardless. Think you can live up to the legend?


Styling Guide


White. Plain and simple. We leave alot to interpretation but The Allison hands down looks best with a white shirt. If you decide to stray from the traditional (Which we encourage) then try to find lighter colours in your wardrobe

RECOMMENDATIONS: I thought we were pretty clear on this one. A nice clean white on this one looks great. If you opt for anything else, stick with lighter tones. It will accentuate the subtle stripe in the suit which should be your feature.


You have two choices. Go bold or go quiet (Going home is never an option).

Paler blues work well to create a business savvy look however if you want to make a statement, be creative. darker paisley tones work great and if you want to really pop, a decent burgundy will do the trick.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As versatile as this suit is, you need to pick your image. If you would prefer to look clean cut, then the classic lighter blue on white will work well. Other than that – Take your pick. Nothing looks particularly offensive on this one.


Avoid lighter colours unless you want to look like Ellen DeGeneres. She’s pretty cool but let’s face it, it’s probably not the look you’re going for. Head towards the classic plain black oxfords. If you decide to go brown, keep it in a darker shade.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Black is definitely preferred but if you decide to sway away from that, keep your shades dark in order to maintain your silhouette.


This suit was born from business but was designed to work with your lifestyle. Close that deal. Throw your jacket over your shoulder. Make a toast. Look good doing so.


As low maintenance as this suit is, the heavy set fabric requires you to look after it in the same way that it looks after you. Be sure to dry clean from time to time to ensure that you always look your best.