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They say that the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. But, simultaneously, you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. How do you balance these two?

Burgundy is a great semi-formal pick and a key easygoing, casual shade.

Suitably embraces this trend with a sure winner. The burgundy is a killer both on and off the clock. Ensuring that you look smart whilst also giving a nod to the historical trends left by the dapper gents long past. Chin Chin!


Styling Guide


Dark block colours tend to work here. Avoid shirts that are too busy. Keep the rest of your outfit on the thin and narrow by keeping it simple.

RECOMMENDATIONS: A plain black or white shirt will contrast well and ensure that you make a statement


Woven ties tend to work with this by providing texture in a block colour. This will look great but will not overshadow the rest of your outfit. Failing that, stick with block colours

RECOMMENDATIONS:: Work with your shirt and keep it clean. A dark woollen woven tie will provide superb texture however if in doubt, Use one shade up or down from your shirt.


Darker browns will match in an elegant and smooth fashion, however, this is a versatile suit and will work with most shoes. Brogues will go well with the styling for less business orientated situations, however, in a pinch, even a classic black oxford will do the trick.

RECOMMENDATIONS: You can’t go wrong with a darker brown oxford however, this shade will work with most formal shoes that you have in your closet.


Whilst it can work really well in the office, red hues are traditionally not worn in high-pressure situations such as a sales pitch or board meeting. An absolute killer in your evening wear wardrobe and would work well for spring/summer weddings to cut through the drab a little bit.


Can be worn year round if accessorized in the right manner. This suit helps you look smart whilst still cementing some personality.