Bianchet Winery Concept

Australian Sartorial Flair

The following is a styled shoot with Melbourne Wedding and Bride Magazine. Suitably paired up with Bianchet Winery and the talented Allie Claire Creative to bring our take on classic Australian suiting (RM Williams included).

In the following photo:

Alexander wears our seminal pure wool Royal in a three-piece configuration with a double-breasted vest. The pressed Italian buttons and the darker charcoal finish of the suit provides a look that’s very clearly influenced by the British sartorial tradition whilst the Italian pressed metal buttons provides some worth that work wonderfully with the backdrop of the vineyard in the Victorian summer style.

Almost in complete contrast, the accompanying model is wearing a custom camel coloured wool 2-piece with an open collar. This combination was intentionally designed to be a more casual approach to the wedding space, displaying the vast differences in style that can be approached in this particular setting. The RM Williams boot provides a touch of Australian iconography and also works with the more casual intention of the overall outfit.

Wedding & Bride 33
Wedding & Bride 33

In the following photo:

Alexander wears our signature silk velvet Aiko tuexdo with our standard black pant finish. This unique piece has a unique but not overdone paisley finish which provides some subtle texture to the feature jacket. Beyond that, this piece is styled with a classic satin peak lapel and a black bowtie to give a classic tuxedo look with a twist.

The accompanying model wears a classic navy 2 piece with a subtle, but powerful, windowpane finish. This is accompanied with our slim 6cm floral Woodland necktie. The necktie features a navy backdrop that is captured by the suit, creating a harmonious and effortless look that can be repurposed for work occasions if needed. An elegant finish that toes the line between formal and casual with ease.


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