Three dudes. Three styles. One result.

I had a lot of fun with this article. There are so many well-dressed celebrities and picking three that we see as style icons is a tricky task.

After a lot of debate, here’s a review of three guys that you might want to consider taking some core concepts from when it comes to your sartorial wardrobe. Each one provides a different perspective that you may be able to take inspiration from and I think you’ll find the breakdown interesting.

Colin Firth

The dapper gentleman

This pick was probably the hardest in the list to make. There are so many solid, classically dressed gentlemen out there and to pick just one was not an easy task. Contenders for this spot include Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender and the cult favourite in the office, Richard Armitage.

But seriously, as much as I don’t like him personally (long-standing personal feud. Don’t ask), It’s hard to go past Colin Firth as the ultimate example of the classically dressed British gentleman.

Whether he’s saving the world from the crazies or trying to woo a certain Miss. Jones, Mr Firth follows a very simple code when it comes to his sense of dress. Sticking to dark, broody colours adds austerity which compliments the British style of tailoring.

You’ll find that most of his outfits are structured and practical, using items such as scarfs and overcoats to help battle the nasty English weather. Shoulder pads in his suits aid in uniformity but also create a more masculine look. Above all, however, in the examples cited, everything on his back has been tailored perfectly. This makes such a massive difference to the look and really helps to keep him looking sharp.

Idris Elba

The dude is J A C K E D.

He wasn’t named the world’s sexiest man for no reason.

Idris is a great example of how to rock high formal. Idris will don a classic tuxedo at the most appropriate of times. You’ll notice that the use of a shawl lapel in a lot of his garments immediately help to add class to his ensemble. When this isn’t the case, Idris generally dresses with a wide lapel that helps to compliment his larger frame.

Another observation in his overall style is how he complements his skin tones with what he wears. you’ll notice that beyond the standard blacks and greys, Idris utilises greens and burgundies to great effect. These tones work really well with his complexion and add a unique flair to his dress.

Unlike Mr Firth, Idris doesn’t adopt the standard English shoulder pads. Because he’s built like a tank, having a lot of padding in the shoulders would ultimately come off looking unwieldy. If there is any padding in his suits, it’s been kept minimal in order to make sure that he maintains his silhouette.

Park Jae-sang

You probably know him as PSY

Before you beat me with a long pointy stick, hear me out. I swear it makes sense.

Do I want to be him? No.
Do I want to dress like him? No.
Do I admire his tenacity? You’re goddamn right I do.

PSY has built a look that can be described as absolutely bananas or sheer genius depending on how you look at it. His Garish use of colours and mixed tones can be considered garish and uncouth particularly to those who pride themselves on their collection of Savile Row masterpieces.

But, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that PSY is the only person that can pair extremely formal suiting cues with hyper-modern eastern fashion trends before vomiting Lady Gaga all over it. I think what impresses me is that, for the most part, it actually works really well in context.

Another point is that everything he wears fits him flawlessly. Despite his larger build, you’ll notice that there are some finer details such as more room in the pants, and slim cuts that have a little more room in the arms and thighs for when he gets all Gangnam on you.

About The Author

Alexander recently channelled his inner PSY and bought a floral imprinted midnight blue tuxedo for some reason.

We don’t think he’s going to pull it off.


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