Shaun & Rikki

A heart-warming family affair

This good-looking young man is named Shaun. Shaun has been a friend of our brand for some time now and we’ve helped him look great in the office in the past. Being a tall gent, Shaun isn’t a great fit for options that are off-the-rack. That’s where we come in.

When Shaun and his long-term partner Rikki decided it was time to officiate, all it took was a single email to Shaun’s consultant to get the ball rolling for the perfect suit.

As this all occurred during the pandemic, safety was paramount. A zero contact consultation and email chains were relied on heavily to discuss the finer details as we found what was going to work for the day. We agreed that a classic black suit with modern, subtle features was the way to go. After discussing the mood of the day, we all agreed that a tuxedo would have been too much. We also worked with Shaun to style the suit in such a way that he would be able to use it again in the future. We coupled the suit with a gorgeous shirt with a subtle herringbone to class things up.

When it was time to get measured, Shaun used our unique AI measurement app to get his measurements to us in the comfort of his own home, with no contact or measuring tapes needed. When things settled, Shaun came in for a second fitting where we fine-tuned the outfit to make sure it was 100%

As you can see in the photos, Shaun and Rikki looked great and the authenticity of their commitment to each other is very apparent. Because of the pandemic, Shaun and Rikki weren’t able to have a big wedding with lots of guests but as you can see, they didn’t need it. They are living proof that you can have a beautiful day with nothing more than the few that mean the most to you, your family, and your love.

….. And a great suit from Suitably. Cheers, Shaun! Until next time.

  • Alexander Pillai
    Founder and Lead Suitably Wedding Expert


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