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The Teacup is the first suit that Suitably ever created. The Founder of Suitably wanted something robust and modern, but with a nod to the traditional sartorial trade. The Teacup was born.

With a stiff, heavyset fabric, and very specific details, The Teacup is designed to get people’s attention. With a gorgeous check running through the material with light blue and orange highlights, you will garner compliments. This suit is a versatile all-rounder that’s perfect if you want to stand out in the office or formal environment but can also be paired down to meet any requirement.


Styling Guide


Because the teacup has contrasting blue and orange highlights in its check, it works with most shirts. However, as always, it’s best to ensure that the tone that you are trying to portray is considered. For business situations, keep it plain and simple with either white or subtle blues. If the situation calls for something louder, pair with basic patterns.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Don’t think about it too much. This suit will work with most things in your closet, however, make sure that you consider the situation. Do not pair this with a loud shirt for formal situations. Avoid busy patterns as the suit does all the talking for you.


Much like your shirt, avoid patterns that are too busy. Simple stripes and polka dots are fine but anything beyond that might make your outfit look too messy for any real-world scenario. As always, your shirt and tie share a connection and it’s important to ensure that you make sure that they coordinate.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Check your shirt and match it. Avoid anything too patterned. Plain ties that compliment your shirt are a sure-fire hit with this one.


Darker browns and tan is definitely the order of the day with The Teacup. Blacks come off too austere and anything light will ultimately look funny in contrast. Brogues look great in a casual situation however if you are in a formal situation, stick with some clean oxfords to help sharpen your look and keep the lines clean.


If you can pull it off, this can work in formal and casual situations extremely well. Use the separates to up your casual game and if you are in a formal situation, follow the rules above and you will always have a winner on your hands.


The Teacup is a classic that sits somewhat outside of modern convention yet still somehow looks timeless. If you’re sick of the standard blue’s and black’s of the corporate world, The Teacup is a safe choice for expanding your horizons. This suit also works well in a double-breasted configuration.