James and Yvette

Dare To Be Different.

James got in touch with us with something a little unique. As a cool dude with a keen eye for trends, he wasn’t really interested in doing the standard slim fitted style that is commonplace in Australian suiting but rather, wanted something that harks back to the 80’s power suit style but with a few modernised touches.

This outfit had the potential to be challenging as there was a conceptual component that required us to be attentive and detail-oriented. James had a rough idea as to what he wanted but translating it into the sartorial sense required finesse and understanding. Thankfully, we were up for the task!

In the end, we opted for a heavier set fabric that was almost reminiscent of a tweed in order to maintain the shape of the fabric with this particular style. In order to balance out the wider stance of the shoulders and the 80’s influence, we made the jacket length and sleeves a little longer in order to create balance in the final jacket. To create an edgier look, this was paired with a black pure cotton shirt with an open collar to create an air of nonchalance. The aim was to take influence from the wider power suit trends that were common in the 80’s but also running the catwalks at the time by designers like Alexandre Mattiussi of AMI Paris. A feat that we think we pulled off whilst also respecting the Australian sartorial landscape.

The end result put a smile on both James’ and our faces! We captured the overall aesthetic that was being chased but also created a garment that was unique which will last years and will no doubt be reused in the future.

This was a fun and challenging wedding to work with and we’re stoked that it captured the overall vision. Thanks so much, James!

  • Alexander Pillai
    Founder and Lead Suitably Wedding Expert


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