Matt's Magic Moment

The rain can’t rain on your parade when you look this sharp. 

We met Matt in person at a wedding expo in 2019. Much like a lot of the guys that we meet, he wasn’t entirely sure about what he was after and spent a few minutes chatting to us about his big day. He had a lot of time up his sleeve but wanted to get everything sorted early to ensure that there weren’t any surprises (something that we always recommend).

He sent us an email, and we talked about what would work with the colour scheme of the flowers, and the theme of the events. We opted to go with a darker blue tint with brown shoes to compliment the earthy nature of the affair. Once we had figured all the finer details, we started to get the ball rolling.

Matt and his crew were all in proximity to one of our master tailors. They went in and got measured up. During this stage, Matt asked us what would be the best way to differentiate him from his groomsmen and we decided that wearing a vest would be the best way to do this. We organised for this to be sent through to the tailor with the rest of the details.

This was a pretty stress free affair. With plenty of time before the big day, the boys went in for a second fitting at their convenience. One of the groomsmen had a bit more of a roll in his should due to the injury which we had already compensated for in the construction of the suits but we opted to fine tune just a little bit more to make sure that everything was perfect. These minor alterations were done free of charge.

Matt’s custom suits was stress free for everyone involved. By giving himself enough time to make sure that he could go through the process, he could focus on all the other aspects of the wedding process.

Thanks Matt! Pleasure to work with you!

  • Alexander Pillai
    Founder and Lead Suitably Wedding Expert


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