From humble beginnings come great things.

In 2015 on the little town of Launceston, Tasmania, Suitably’s founder, Alexander, needed to buy a new suit. Being as Launceston is such a small town, the options were limited and the retail fronts in the area offered a limited range that didn’t have anything that properly fit.

Frustrated, he went online and started to investigate made to measure options. Some of these options had compelling options but none of them had any styles that fit what he was trying to achieve, and the impersonal and bland nature of these offerings didn’t appeal.

This started a quest to find a way to bring convenience, fit and quality to the suiting game  at a reasonable cost. This was no easy task as the garment industry is rife with mediocrity in a world where impersonal, fast fashion options take the lead.

Alexander – Suitably Founder and Managing Director.

After years of refining the concept and supply lines, Suitably’s message started to click. Suitably focused on garment quality from the start, paying attention to the little details that make you feel a million bucks every time you put your suit on – the sort of finer details that you usually see in suits that cost an order of magnitude more.

Now, Suitably bases itself in Melbourne and caters to weddings, businesspeople and dapper men and women around Australia. With partnerships around Australia with tailors, manufacturers and agents, we make the process of getting measured simple and provide real advice and customisation for those who need something extra special. After thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of pleased wedding parties around Australia, we feel that we’ve found the right balance that helps to bring accessible suiting into the modern age.

We take care with every garment and invest significantly in continuing to improve our offerings. We also make sure that every customer is given a dedicated consultant that makes sure that you are nothing but thrilled with the result. Our story is just starting and we’re looking forward to helping you look your best.

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