We exist to help you look your best, when it matters most.

For over 7 years, Suitably has worked tirelessly to provide Australia with the best quality, value, and service in the often confusing world of classic attire. We believe that we provide the most compelling choice for discerning customers. We do this by providing Australians with a unique combination of handmade, detail-oriented clothing, first-name basis service and technology solutions that are unique to us. We’re here to serve you and provide you with the clothing that you deserve with unforgettable service. This is why we’re so highly regarded by our customers. Whether it’s for a day in the office, or the BIG day, Suitably is here to help you look your best and unlock your potential. 


Our Origin Story

In 2015 in the little town of Launceston, Tasmania, Suitably’s founder, Alexander, needed to buy a new suit. Being as Launceston is such a small town, the options were limited and the retail fronts in the area offered a limited range that didn’t have anything that properly fit.

Frustrated, he went online and started to investigate made to measure options. These options were more compelling but none of them had any styles that fit what he was trying to achieve, and the impersonal and bland nature of these offerings didn’t appeal. This started a journey to find a way to bring the sartorial game to those who felt the same. This journey was fraught with its own challenges.

After years of refining the concept and supply lines, Suitably’s message started to click. Suitably focused on garment quality from the start, paying attention to the little details that make you feel like a million dollars– the sort of finer details that are only possible when everything you do is handmade and designed specifically for each customer.

Now with operations based in Collingwood Victoria and catering to weddings, businesspeople and dapper men and women around Australia, Suitably is one of Australia’s most highly regarded boutique formal clothing labels. With partnerships around Australia with tailors, manufacturers and agents, we make the process of getting measured simple and provide real advice and customisation for those who need something extra special. After thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of pleased wedding parties around Australia, we feel that we’ve found the right balance that helps to bring accessible suiting into the modern age.

Tailored clothing without leaving home

Introducing the Suitably app, available on iOS and Android. Browse our entire range, customise your clothing to your heart’s desire and use our groundbreaking technology to submit your measurements straight to us with just your weight, height, age and two photos of yourself. Our 3D modelling technology is 99% accurate and allows you to get perfectly fitted clothing without ever leaving your house in as little as TWO MINUTES. Only with suitably.com.au .

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