The Bazzano Special


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Custom order for Zac Bazzano.

CZ-108 Jetblack Material (no surcharge)

Garment Configuration:
Three Piece w/ Vest + $699.95 + $174.99
Jacket/Vest Fit Level: Slim Fit
Pant Fit Level: Slim Fit
Premium options: Priority Service ($120) + $120.00
Premium Jacket options: Custom Lining ($100) LN2217
Lapel Style: Wide Peak Lapel
Button Configuration: One Button
Vent Configuration: Side Venting
Chest Pocket: Standard
Jacket Pockets: Jetted Pockets
Ticket Pocket: No Ticket Pocket
Pick Stitching: No pick stitching
Welted Satin Chest Pocket: Normal Pocket (not satin)
Satin Collar: Satin Collar
Satin Lapel: Satin Lapel
Satin Pockets: Welted Pockets
Waistline Options: Side Tabs
Pleat Type: Flat Front
Cuffs: Standard
Satin Pocket Lining: Normal Pocket
Satin Pant Stripe: No Stripe
Lapel Configuration: Shawl Lapel
Button Configuration: 8 Button Double Breasted

Shirt Configuration:
DBC8 Twill ($159)
Tuxedo Shirt Pleats
Black buttons
Mitered French Cuff
Standard collar

Tie Configuration:
Bowtie – Same fabric as suit ($60)

Pocket Square:
Plain white – No charge.

Photo provides main fit and design expectations with exception to lapel (peak lapels v. shawl)