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    Basic Info
    Neck Circumference (1/16)

    Place the tape around the neck and around the middle of Adam's apple. Leave a forefinger’s worth of space within the tape.

    Shoulder Width (2/16)

    Put tape along the shoulder arc, measure the shoulder arc from the left shoulder point to the right shoulder point. The "shoulder point" is the place where shoulder seam and armhole seam meet on a well-fitting shirt. Remember, the shoulder arc is not a straight line.

    Sleeve Length (3/16)

    Place the tape on the shoulder point (where the shoulder seam and armhole seam meet on your well-fitting shirt). Measure from the shoulder point to just before where thumb and forefinger meet. Keep your arms straight and relaxed.

    Bicep circumference (4/16)

    Put the tape under armpit, measure the circumference of the fullest part of your bicep.

    Wrist Circumference (5/16)

    Measure around the wrist. This one is pretty simple. If we’re being honest, what your reading right now is just filler. Go get that measurement!

    Bust Circumference (6/16)

    Relax your body and maintain a natural stance. Measure around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure your arms are down and ensure that you can feel the tape around your entire body.

    Jacket Waist (7/16)

    Relax your body and maintain a natural stance. Measure at the bottom of the ribcage, or, if you’re carrying a little bit of love around the middle, measure at just before your belly starts. Make sure your arms are down and ensure that you can feel the tape around your entire body.

    Belly Circumference (8/16)

    Relax your body and maintain a natural stance. Measure across the widest part of your belly. This is usually around the belly button. Make sure your arms are down and ensure that you can feel the tape around your entire body.

    Jacket length (9/16)

    Measure straight down from the base of the neck (the point where the shoulder and neck meet) and run the tape straight down until it’s in line with just before where the thumb and forefinger meet.

    Photo Upload

    Optional but HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED. 

    Send us some photos of yourself before you measure yourself. We process the images through our innovative AR system and use it to validate the information that you provide us. 

    The photos that you need are: 

    • Full-body photo from the front.
    • Full-body photo from the side.
    • Full-body photo from the back.

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Our first trench. A Classic in the making.

Suitably started at the bottom of the world on a little island called Tasmania. One of the core principles from the start was the mantra “Look your best when it matters most”. As it turns out, it’s pretty hard to look your best on the Apple Isle in the middle of winter when your perfectly fitted custom made suit is being covered up by a puffer jacket made by a mass-manufacture garment company that isn’t able to make pieces that are designed just for you.

A good overcoat is a key component of anyone’s classic wardrobe that becomes a signature piece that becomes a part of your signature style. It’s an investment in your comfort, health and identity. The right choice becomes a long-term investment that will see you through many winters.

With its classic, British influenced style, the Thames will work with any formal outfit in your wardrobe. This amazingly warm and luxurious double-breasted trenchcoat was designed to help keep you warm and stylish in the coldest urban climates. Made with warm, luxurious and highly valued cashmere, the composition of the coat is designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature in near-zero conditions. The double-breasted design and the extra length allow you to wrap up when things get blustery and will make the commute back home feel like a hug on those dark freezing winter nights after a long day in the office.

With deep, reinforced pockets and a freestyle belt, the Thames is designed with practicality in mind. The high gauge fabric has also been designed to handle your abuse as well as it handles the elements. This is a piece that will last years, if not decades, with minimal care and effort. Like all our garments, we make exclusively to your measurements, giving you a final product that’s an intimate part of your collection.

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Business, Formal, Weddings