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Part of the Tradizio Collection.

Includes Jacket, Vest and Pant.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we at suitably are big fans of blue. With that in mind, we wanted to provide with something a bit more grown up.

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we at suitably are big fans of blue. With that in mind, we wanted to provide with something a bit more grown up.

The Nouveau is an office favourite. Featuring perfect versatility but with a darker, grown-up tone. This suit will make you the best dressed in any room regardless of the situation. With a high quality, heavy set fabric, this is a long-wearing suit that is designed to give you years of use and will age gracefully. Bordering between a standard black suit and the traditional navy, this one will call to you time and time again.


Styling Guide


There’s not alot that won’t work well with a navy suit. Pick something that you will find easy to pair with your tie as combinations of this nature are going to be quite important. Remember that the occasion that this is being worn in will also dictate your combinations.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Being a darker navy, you need to pick a stance and stick with it. A white shirt with a brighter tie works well. Alternatively, If you want to add some austerity to events, Hit up a plain dark shaded shirt (We love a little dark purple with this one) and a tie that is somewhere in between.


Tie choices are heavily dependent on your shirt, however, there are some combinations that definitely stand out. Blue suits, in general, require a little bit of thought when it comes to picking a tie. Standard blue on blue combinations look great however ensure that the balance is just right (Don’t go too bright or light with either colour. Try and keep them in the same colour space). If you need help with this, get in touch with our staff and we can give you more help.


With a navy suit, it’s definitely best to avoid lighter colours. Try taking in a clean oxford in a darker colour. you would likely have something that will work with this suit already in your wardrobe but it’s best to go with a classic formal shoe to keep in line with the clean cut image that this suit cultivates.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Stick with darker shades. You can’t really go wrong with a clean black, brown or burgundy coloured oxford. The classic blue suit / brown shoe combination is one that is unbeatable with this one. Particularly with the button accents.


This is one of our most versatile suits. Period. despite the darker tones providing a level of austerity, the faint purple hue in this one helps to maintain a playful hue regardless of the situation. Outside of specific dress codes, this one will serve you well in all outings.


One of the founders of Suitably made the mistake of leaving this one out and the cat loved it as much as he did. Be sure to keep this one hanged when not in use.


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