Let's make you dapper AF. Here's how.

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Step ONE

Check out the suits that we have on under the suits tab. Not sure which one would suit you best? No problem! Send us an email or send us a facebook message and we can help you pick something out. If you'd rather wait until you've been measured to decide - Just pick any suit and we can sort that part out for you once you've been measured.
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Step TWO

Once you've sorted that out - Run through to the checkout, enter in your details and choose how you want to get measured. We can send out a self measure kit or alternatively, if you're in an area with a suitably agent, We will come to you for FREE and measure you out. If your dead set about what suit you want, you can also opt to pre-pay you're suit and we can get the rest sorted for you. Don't forget to let us know about any special differences or changes that you want us to make!
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A suitably agent will get in touch with you either through email or phone and organize a time and place to meet up. We will measure you up and make sure that everything looks great at no added cost to you!. Busy at work? No problems! We can do outside of hours and we're happy to meet you anywhere within our service areas. Once we've done this and payment has been organized, we will get cracking to make your suit up.
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The last step is simple. Wait for the suit to be made (Roughly 2-3 weeks) and then look fly AF.
Dope. Balla. Gangsta.
Welcome to Suitably.